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                We are here for you 24/7 every day. We do not overbook and we always arrive early in case you've been let down by another service. We believe that our word is our bond and mean to deliver only the best service with no excuses, period. Whether it's a ride to any Airport or a ride down the street we are there for you.
If you've been looking for an alternative to the "usual" cab ride with the "usual suspects" you've come to the right place. We never throw just anybody in the drivers seat of a Swami's Cab, you can count on us to send someone you wouldn't mind driving your children or your Grandma. Only locals that are of the finest character are to be found here.
We understand how un-cool  it is to Drink and Drive and we're happy to help you avoid a D.U.I. or a horrible accident and all of the pain associated with either one.  If you haven't tried us, give us a call, you won't be disappointed. 
If by some chance we ever don't answer the phone it's because we are in a bad cell area, or our call volume is too high (usually during peak business hours, 11pm-2am) please call back or text us and we will happily take care of you ! We are grateful for your patience. 

   Call 760-908-7787 anytime or e-mail us at
                       to book your
next ride to anywhere, anytime.                    

                                                                                                 No Kooks Allowed 
        Artwork by: Kevin Anderson    

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